Dear subscribers! Please pass metrics from the 1st to 5th of each month and in the case of gas smell, emergency call 104 If gas smell detects, call 104

How to transfer gas meters readings

Consumers have to pay for natural gas distribution services and for gas supply services (gas cost) monthly. To do this, each month the amount of natural gas consumed is calculated and the amount of payment for it is determined. To accurately calculate the amount of natural gas consumed it is necessary to: 
• record gas meter readings as on the 1st day of the month;
• transfer them to the GDO PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” within 5 days (up to and including the 5th day of the month). 

One can transfer the gas meter readings as follows:

• to call the multi-channel telephone numbers of the Contact Center of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz”: 

(035) 2 519 904 - UKRTELECOM

(097) 0 519 904 - KYIVSTAR

(095) 0 519 904 - VODAFONE 

Wait for the operator’s response or use voice prompts enter the menu for automatically entering the meter reading without the operator’s participation and enter the personal account number and the meter reading.

If the mobile phone number you are calling from is linked to your personal account, the system identifies you automatically – in this case you do not need to enter a personal account:

  • with the help of the free web service “Personal Area”
  • using the mobile application “Gasolina Online” for the Android operating system, which can be downloaded on Google Play;
  • personally in the gas office.

If you did not transfer the indicators by the 5th day of the month, the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” will determine the amount of gas consumed by calculation method. If the consumer submits the gas meter readings for the next month in time, formation of the volume of natural gas distribution and consumption for the period of the specified month will be carried out taking into account the provided readings.

If you have a conflict over meter readings, you can call the Hotline to file a complaint or request:

Hotline phone number

0 800 500 904 

All calls are free from landline phones and numbers of Ukrainian mobile operators within Ukraine