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History of the Enterprise

Every moment of history is unique and inimitable. The pages of everyday worries and majestic accomplishments, moments of great tension and joyful moments of victories are left behind. The most important thing that remains is a good memory. And you need to remember everything as it was. For the descendants...

Nature has generously endowed Western Ukraine with its wealth. The first pre-war gas pipelines originate from Dashava, where a well was drilled for the first time, from which a powerful stream of Carpathian gas struck. From here, gas pipelines stretched like arteries through Galicia. After the war, a new stage of gasification of the rebuilt Ukraine began.  

After commissioning of the unique Dashava-Kyiv main gas pipeline in 1948, extensive gasification of post-war cities in Ukraine began. Due to shortage of powerful equipment and qualified personnel, the work was not easy. But to overcome even the greatest difficulties, the gasmen were helped by a burning desire to bring a blue light to the houses of compatriots.  

In 1948, the first gas pipeline was installed in Ternopil, just when the first burner in the boiler room of the power plant at Ivan Franko Street was lit up. By the way, house nr. 17 was the first gasified in Ternopil, also at Ivan Franko Street, but in 1949, when the gas reached the city’s residents. Mykola Vasyliovych Zadera and Yosyp Yosypovych Koshelevskyi took part in these activities. They remember the first steps of Ternopilgaz Company. Veterans warmly remember the first premises of the gas service, which was located at Kopernyk Street.  

Ternopilgaz production and maintenance office, established in the same year, with several dozen of employees, confidently took its first steps, gradually gaining momentum. 

During the first years of gasification, blue light was brought to the houses of Ternopil residents by M.F. Osadchuk, L.I. Ishchuk, G.A. Sekrier, O.A. Ishchuk, G.M. Gevko, P.F. Biryukova, M.P. Kravchuk, K.M. Vovk, Z.V. Yednakovskyi, O.D. Sikorova, P.A. Urban, Ye.P. Vovna, A.V. Gorechnyi, V.O. Volynets, O.D. Chornyi, O.Yo. Cholovik, V.V. Fundalevych, S.P. Maryniak, M.M. Sukhodolska, Ye.G. Tsvyakh, V.V. Bor. 

Veterans in the team are respected and remembered, thanking them and bowing to them for years of tireless work for the benefit of those, whose houses needed a blue light and comfort. All these first years, the pioneers of the gas service were actively building gas networks in Ternopil. And since 1958, the gas industry has become widespread in the region.  

Gradually, gas came to every district. Kremenets became the last district centre, where a blue light of natural gas was lit in 1997. Threads of gas networks, like vital arteries, covered Ternopil Region. Today, six main gas pipelines goes trough the territory of Ternopil Region: Dashava – Kyiv, KZU-1, KZU-2, Urengoi – Pomary – Uzhhorod, Soiuz, Yamal – Torzhok – Uzhhorod. 

Today, the gas company is a business partner of the vast majority of the enterprises in the region. Its activities are aimed at many areas. Today Ternopilgaz not only focuses on meeting the needs of the national economy and population in natural and liquefied gas, but also participates in determining the main directions and prospects of the gas industry development of Galicia, social policy in the region, its implementation, organization and expansion of production of gas equipment and devices, spare parts, etc. Comfortable working conditions and computerized production processes have been created for employees.

A modern office of TERNOPILGAZ association is located in cozy buildings at Chernivetska Street in Ternopil, surrounded by greenery.

The gas economy of Ternopil Region begins from Oleg Ivanovych’s office. And the brightest fragment of this office is a map with colored flags, which indicate when and where gas pipes were laid in the region. Oleg Ivanovich Karavanskyi began his career in the gas industry of Ternopil Region in 1970 as a locksmith for underground gas pipelines. From 1987 to the present day he is a head of Ternopilgaz Company. 

Self-discipline is one of the most important components of success. Oleg Ivanovych managed to choose a well-balanced line in the leadership. He is demanding, but very objective. Loyal, when the situation requires, and always ready to support initiative and good deeds. This is the dynamics of growth of those, who follows the leader.  

To ensure the quality of all areas of Ternopilgaz, there is a clear subordination of the employees. An important role in the team belongs to the first deputy chairman of the association Kanak Petro Omelianovych and a former chief engineer Yemyashev Viktor Vasyliovych. It is to say quite literally that without their hard work and daily participation in the production process, such results could not have been achieved. 

Head of the gas economy

1948 - 1949
1949 - 1950
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1953 - 1978
1978 - 1987
since 1987
M.P. Tryshkin
V.N. Medvediev
P.I. Pechonkin
I.M. Boyko
Ye.N. Stratiyevskyi
V.I. Bezshtankivska
V.V. Yemyashev
O.I. Karavanskyi