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History of the Enterprise

Every moment of history is unique and inimitable. The pages of everyday worries and majestic accomplishments, moments of great tension and joyful moments of victories are left behind. The most important thing that remains is a good memory. And you need to remember everything as it was. For the descendants...

Nature has generously endowed Western Ukraine with its wealth. The first pre-war gas pipelines originate from Dashava, where a well was drilled for the first time, from which a powerful stream of Carpathian gas struck. From here, gas pipelines stretched like arteries through Galicia. After the war, a new stage of gasification of the rebuilt Ukraine began.  

After commissioning of the unique Dashava-Kyiv main gas pipeline in 1948, extensive gasification of post-war cities in Ukraine began. Due to shortage of powerful equipment and qualified personnel, the work was not easy. But to overcome even the greatest difficulties, the gasmen were helped by a burning desire to bring a blue light to the houses of compatriots.