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Work and Career


Number of employees 

GDO “Ternopilgaz”, which includes 9 district gas facilities operation departments and the main enterprise, provides quality services of natural gas distribution and gasification in Ternopil Region. The number of employees is 1338 people, 207 of them – in the main enterprise. 957 workers and 381 engineers are involved in labor professions. 

The scope of service of the Company and professional responsibilities of the employees

“Ternopilgaz” provides delivery of natural gas to more than 200,000 households and about 3,000 enterprises in Ternopil Region. 

The company provides consumers with a full range of natural gas distribution services, including: connection to gas networks, inspection, repair and replacement of gas pipelines and structures, preparation of design estimation documents, gasification of facilities, construction of gas distribution networks, gas-using and gas equipment repair, cleaning of flue and ventilation ducts, termination of gas supply (on behalf of the supplier), etc.

The specialists of “Ternopilgaz” perform the works on: 

  • prevention and liquidation of emergency situations consequences; 
  • pressure regulation in the system for stable gas supply to households; 
  • maintenance of gas-using and gas equipment; 
  • standardization, repair and replacement of gas meters; 
  • installation and adjustment of the  remote transmission means of gas meters data, etc.


  • reliable and safe operation, maintenance and development (construction) of the gas distribution system; 
  • guaranteed level of natural gas distribution; 
  • performance of a complex of works on operation of the gas distribution systems; 
  • development of the gas complex, preservation of existing and creation of new production-technical and technological connections.

The scope and complexity of the infrastructure, growing demands on the quality of service, need to improve the efficiency of services requires professional attitude to work of the employees of the company’s entire staff.

Decent working conditions 

“Ternopilgaz” is constantly working to improve conditions for realization and development of the potential of each employee. Compliance with labor legislation, the terms of the collective agreement, labor protection and sanitation standards, industry standards, a transparent system of remuneration, introduction of modern methods of work organization and optimization of business processes are the factors that guarantee security and give confidence in future. The large team includes both experienced specialists with many years of experience and promising young people.  

“Ternopilgaz” is open to innovations that increase the efficiency of the enterprise. Preference is given to well-developed and professionally sound initiatives, because the specifics and scope of the industry require weighing the possible technological and managerial risks.  
The atmosphere of interaction and cooperation of employees, responsibility and focus on the result helps to increase the efficiency of the enterprise and development of each employee. 

Training and professional development 

“Ternopilgaz” management board pays important attention to the employees training. The company’s cooperation with secondary and higher technical educational institutions provides an opportunity for annual training for many employees. One can study and obtain qualification in gas industry at Borshchiv Agrotechnical College, Lviv State Technical and Economic College of Lviv Polytechnic National University, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture (branch at Lviv State Technical and Economic College of Lviv Polytechnic National University). 

Also, engineering and technical workers pass advanced training courses at Lviv State Technical and Economic College of Lviv Polytechnic National University, where about 40 employees have the opportunity to be trained annually. 

Current vacant positions

We invite honest, initiative people, who want to work and know how to show professionalism at their workplace to work at “Ternopilgaz”.
The scope of the company’s activities covers Ternopil Region, vacancies are relevant:

metrology engineer 

Qualification requirements: 

  • complete higher education in the relevant field of study (master, specialist)
  • without work experience requirements 

electric gas welder 

Qualification requirements:

  • basic or complete general secondary education;
  • vocational and technical education;
  • educational and qualification level “skilled worker” on the profession.

driver of motor vehicles  

Qualification requirements:

  • complete secondary education;
  • professional or vocational education (educational institution for training of the motor vehicles drivers);  
  • without work experience requirements.

tractor driver 

Qualification requirements

  • complete general secondary education and vocational training at the enterprise;
  • availability of a qualification certificate for the right to drive tractors of the relevant category; 
  • without work experience requirements.

locksmith for gas equipment operation and repair

Qualification requirements:

  • complete general secondary or vocational education;
  • training, advanced training directly at the enterprise;
  • without work experience requirements.

locksmith for operation and repair of underground gas pipelines 

Qualification requirements

  • complete general secondary or vocational education; 
  • training, advanced training directly at the enterprise;
  • without work experience requirements. 

gas controller 

Qualification requirements:

  • complete secondary education;
  • without work experience requirements;
  • there is a possibility of practical training.

For detailed information candidates for vacant positions are asked to contact the personnel department of the parent company via phone number:

0352 47 61 09

Sustainable employment, well-selected staff, timely paid wages, decent working and leisure conditions are the key to success of the company and gives confidence that its team never stops, it can handle complex and responsible tasks.