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Control gas meters readings

According to the Gas Distribution Systems Code, the control taking of gas meter readings is fixing of the meter readings by a representative of the gas office (controller) in the relevant document, which is confirmed by the consumer’s signature. 


According to the Standard Natural Gas Distribution Agreement, the control taking of gas meters readings is carried out at least once every 6 months. Formation of the distribution volume and natural gas consumption of the consumer for calculation month in which the control taking of gas meter readings was carried out is taking into account its actual data.

  • Control readings can be taken by a controller, locksmith, foreman or another employee of the gas office, during the planned and technical repair of gas equipment, when removing the meter for standardization, etc. Photo-fixation and video-recording of gas meters are also allowed.
  • The consumer must provide gas officers with access to the gas meter to take control readings. Representatives of the gas industry must clearly state the purpose of their visit and present an identity card at the request of the consumer.


Taking control of gas meters readings must be recorded in one of the following documents, which must be signed by the consumer:

  • information on taking gas meters readings;
  • the act of control inspection of the gas metering unit;
  • the act of the meter dismantling for standardization.