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Social Projects

GEO Ternopilgaz is in continuous interaction and dialogue with its consumers. Today, 340,000 households in Ternopil Region have an opportunity to use natural gas, which is 88% of 1,050 settlements. Given the scale of gasification of the region, an important task for the companies is to carry out explanatory work on the safe and economical use of natural gas. 

Every year, in order to increase the level of safety and prevent emergencies, each district gas company conducts a number of activities to educate and inform the population. These include publications in the media, lectures, speeches by gas workers on radio and television, as well as training of schoolchildren and preschoolers in educational institutions on “Gas and its safe use”. 

The company is engaged in charitable activities, is a patron and sponsor of many social projects. Ternopilgaz has many social initiatives to support cultural and sporting events. 

In particular, the company’s support of Ternopil-ATO football club gave athletes the opportunity to take part in the sixth Ukrainian Football Championship in the League of ATO Participants for the ATO Heroes’ Cup. 

Among 96 teams participating in the tournament, Ternopil won the fifth place. It should be noted that only ATO / Military Forces veterans take part in these competitions. 

According to the president of the club Mykola DERETSKYI, the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” always pays attention 
and respect to the needs of the club and for two years in a row, along with others, provides financial support. 

We sincerely wish the athletes good health and future victories! 

The outbreak of a new disease – coronavirus infection COVID-19 – showed the world how important mutual help and care for others is. This year, together with the private enterprise “Nadezhda”, as part of a charitable initiative, personal protective equipment against COVID-19 was donated to medical institutions of the region and the city Ternopil. In particular, the municipal institution of the regional council “Center for Emergency Care and Disaster Medicine: of Ternopil City Communal Emergency Hospital, Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, as well as employees of Pidgaitsi District Hospital. 

The list of organizations that during 2019-2020 was provided with sponsorship / charitable assistance: 

1. Charity Foundation “Charity Fund My University”; 
2. Public Organization “Vatra-2015”; 
3. Charity Foundation “Good is Near”; 
4. Charity Foundation “Health of Ternopil Region”; 
5. Charity Foundation “Karitas”; 
6. Public Organization “Legion” Club; 
7. Communal Non-Commercial Enterprise “Mykulyntsi Regional Physiotherapeutic Rehabilitation Hospital” treatment of children from the village of Ugryniv; 
8. Communal Non-Commercial Enterprise “Pidgaytsi Central District Hospital of Pidgaytsi District Council”; 
9. Communal Non-Commercial Enterprise “Center for Emergency Care and Disaster Medicine” of Ternopil 
Regional Council; 
10. Ternopil Emergency Hospital; 
11. Ternopil Castles; 
12. Organization “Monastery of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin”; 
13. Organization “Football Club “Ternopil-ATO”; 
14. Parish of the village Smykivtsi; 
15. Parish of the Resurrection of Christ of Ternopil Diocese; 
16. Parish of the Mother of God of Obedience in Ternopil; 
17. Parish of the Holy Shroud of the Blessed Virgin; 
18. Parish of St. Job of Pochaiv; 
19. Trade Union of DODiZ employees; 
20. Seminary named after Patriarch J. Slipyi; 
21. Ternopil Diocese of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine; 
22. Society for the Promotion of Development of psychoneurological assistance to TOGO; 
23. UGCC Missionary Society “Marian Spiritual Center Zarvanytsia”; 
24. UGCC of the village Berezovytsia; 
25. Ternopil Ivan Puluj Technical University; 
26. Charity Foundation “Museum of the struggle of Ukraine”; 
27. Charity Foundation “Lviv Energy Development Fund”; 
28. Ternopil urban area social service centre; 
29. Holy Trinity Spiritual Center; 
30. Church of the village Khoptyanka (UGCC); 
31. Church of St. Nicholas of Berezhany; 
32. School-lyceum nr. №6 named after N. Yaremchuk; 
33. Communal Non-Commercial Enterprise “Bilche-Zolote Regional Physiotherapeutic Hospital for 
Rehabilitation” of Ternopil Regional Council - treatment of children from the village Ugryniv; 
34. Communal Non-Commercial Enterprise “Ternopil Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital” of Ternopil 
Regional Council - treatment of children from the village of Ugryniv; 
35. Village Council of the village Baikivtsi; 
36. Church of Ternopil “Parish of St. John the Baptist”; 
37. Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin in the village Stupky; 
38. Podillya High School of I-II grades; 
39. Velyki Birky High School of I-III grades-gymnasium named after S. Baley.