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Meeting of the trade union committee of the united trade union organization of “Ternopilgaz”

Meeting of the trade union committee of the united trade union organization of “Ternopilgaz”

12.04.2021 08:08

The trade union organization of the company is the main subject of social partnership and expression of interests of employees in the process of professional activity. At a time when such associations do not exist in every company, Ternopilgaz trade union has more than 1,300 members. This is not surprising, because the company creates appropriate conditions not only for work but also for full recreation and health of the team. 

Thus, on April 8, 2021, a meeting of the trade union committee of Ternopilgaz was held under the chairmanship of the chairman of the trade union organization of the company – Taras HRYTSIUK and with the participation of the chairman of the board – Oleg KARAVANSKYI. 

The head of the united trade union noted that even during a pandemic, the union’s goal is the workers’ recreation. Recreation centre “Khvylia” in the village Fontanka near Odessa, accepted 142 employees on vacation in 2020, recreation centre “Nadzbruchchia” in the village Zatoka, Odessa Region accepted 52 people. 30% of the cost of vouchers for employees is reimbursed by the trade union. Also, in 2021 the reconstruction of the house for leisure at the recreation center “Rosynka” - Kasperovske gathering pond was completed. In 2020, a contract was signed with the sanatorium “Arnica” – Truskavets, where employees have the opportunity to recover for 50% of the cost. Given the potential risk of infection with COVID-19, all sports and cultural events and celebrations were suspended at the company during the year.However, presenting New Year’s gifts to every employee is a good tradition of the trade union.

The coronavirus pandemic has made significant adjustments to the company’s trade union organization. Helping every employee who struggles with this disease has become a priority. The issuance of financial assistance for other serious human diseases is not an exception. “Maintaining the health of each employee is an important prerequisite for professional and personal success of the entire team of Ternopilgaz, where each trade union member can count on protection and representation of its social and labor interests”, said Taras GRYTSIUK. 

Thanks to the support and understanding of social problems of the staff by the Chairman of the Board - Oleg KARAVANSKYI, it was possible to improve the social guarantees of employees. In particular, to restore: one-time payments to employees who take well-deserved rest, monthly payments for trade union honors, increase the amount of financial assistance in case of marriage, childbirth, treatment, burial, payments for anniversaries and holidays.

A novelty this year was the introduction of employees’ rewarding with branded awards - Diplomas and awards UTU of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz”.