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Replacement of a low gas pipeline in the village Dybshe, Ternopil District

Replacement of a low gas pipeline in the village Dybshe, Ternopil District

30.08.2021 08:25

Ternopilgaz has the largest volume of works on the reconstruction of gas networks and facilities on them during the warm season. During this period, weather conditions allow employees of the gas industry of the region to perform the tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Thus, in summer of 2021, the company replaced a 600-meter low-pressure steel gas pipeline in the village Dybshe, Ternopil District, which was put into operation in 1972, and installed 23 meters on the border of land plots (according to the acts of delimitation of balance ownership and operational responsibility of the parties). 

By the way, the villagers were afraid to repair the work due to the threat of damage to the road surface. However, in such places the road was restored by Ternopilgaz. 

In addition, in September 2021, employees of Kozova Department of Gas Economy will replace medium and low pressure gas pipelines in the village Shchepaniv of a length of 1160 meters and replace 19 gas meters, and at Shevchenko Street in the village Kozova – works on replacement of the cabinet gas control point. Accident-free and uninterrupted distribution of natural gas is a constant and unshakable principle of Ternopilgaz’s work. We work for every consumer of Ternopil region! 

Always yours – “Ternopilgaz”