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Gas transportation route

Gas transportation routes for determination of physical and chemical properties (hereinafter – the FCP) of the natural gas, which is transported to the consumers in the settlements, which are located at the territory of licensed activity of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz”.

At the request of the Gas Distribution Systems Code and in order to increase the efficiency of natural gas consumption and enable consumers to assess their own gas consumption in comparison with other energy sources and choose the most acceptable and cost-effective resource to meet its needs, the GDN Operator – the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” developed and approved routes for determining the physic-chemical properties of gas – a document that describes and schematically depicts the route of gas movement from the source (sources) of its supply to the users of this gas (consumers, related gas distribution system operators) with the display of FCP of natural gas samples with the specified route number.

This information is in closed access in connection with the resolution of the NCREKP dated 03/26/2022 No. 349.