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Life in a BLACKOUT

Life in a BLACKOUT

03.02.2023 09:23

Ukraine’s energy system has been subjected to large-scale attacks by the aggressor country.

In order to keep your home warm, it is important to ensure that your gas boiler operates smoothly during power outages.

If you have a power-dependent appliance, you must install a voltage regulator to protect it from power surges. In addition, you should choose an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides a secondary power supply in case of a short-term outage or a more powerful source – an inverter generator. With the help of such devices, the gas boiler will operate in a stable mode.

In case of a power outage, the gas supply to the boiler is stopped instantly by the device’s safety automation. After the power supply is restored, the boiler usually starts working automatically. Only devices with piezo ignition, which are independent of electricity, require mechanical switching on.

Please note that in case of malfunctions that cannot be eliminated by yourself, you should call a specialist from the Service Centre for gas-using equipment of PJSC “Ternopilgaz” by phone numbers:

Contact Centre:

(035) 2 519 904 - UKRTELECOM 

(097) 0 519 904 - KYIVSTAR 

(095) 0 519 904 - VODAFONE

Alternative heating sources such as stoves and fireplaces have not lost their relevance. This is undoubtedly a reasonable combination, provided that the ignition is constantly monitored.

Please do not use the life hacks popular on the Internet for heating food and water with candles and homemade products. When using camping stoves, follow the manufacturer’s operating instructions, do not leave the appliance unattended, and ventilate the room well.

Compliance with these requirements will save your life and the lives of your family!

Take care of yourself and Ukraine! Together to victory!

Always yours – Ternopilgaz