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Ternopilgaz meets spring

Ternopilgaz meets spring

05.03.2021 21:56

Symbolically, spring comes with the holiday of March 8. And there is a pattern in this. Because a woman, like spring, brings special and great mission of nature – life and love, tenderness and care, inspiration and uniqueness to the world... the company “Ternopilgaz” does not forget about thid. It has already become a good tradition to congratulate gas facility employees in Spring. This year, Ternopilgaz’s CEO Oleg Karavanskyi and the First Deputy Chairman of the Board Volodymyr Karavanskyi greeted women with special reverence, because the generosity of their souls warms, the strength of spirit captures, and beauty inspires faith that the world will be saved. 

Let the first snowdrop give You tenderness, 

And let the spring sun give warmth. 

In March, let the wind bring hope 

And happiness, and joy, and only goodness!