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Urgent repair works on the gas pipeline in the village Teofipilka

Urgent repair works on the gas pipeline in the village Teofipilka

12.05.2021 15:55

Inspection of pipelines and repair and restoration works on gas pipelines are an integral part of Ternopilgaz’s activity. Every year, specialists check the condition of the pipes, insulation coating, depth of the pipeline laying and decide whether it is suitable for further operation and whether it needs repair. 

Thus, during the preparation for the scheduled repair works in the village Teofipilka, employees of Kozova Department of the Gas Economy Operation found damage to a medium-pressure gas pipeline. Therefore, despite the fact that the repairs were scheduled for Thursday, May 13, 2021, due to a gas leak, this work was begun urgently – on Tuesday. Specialists are currently replacing the 200-meter-long emergency section, as well as welding and insulation work. Ternopilgaz emphasizes that during the interruption of gas supply in Your area, the taps in front of gas appliances must be closed. This is necessary for Your safety! 

Consumers will be notified about the resumption of gas supply additionally.