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Let warm and cosy be in your houses

Let warm and cosy be in your houses

15.01.2021 10:07

Every year in January, Ukrainians celebrate the beginning of a new calendar year, one of the largest religious holidays – Christmas. Today, it is difficult to imagine a home without heating in it in winter, and a festive table – without cooked hot dishes. Therefore, high-quality work of the gas distribution company is crucial. During the New Year and Christmas holidays in 2021, Ternopilgaz managed to fully ensure trouble-free and uninterrupted distribution of natural gas throughout the licensed activities territory, the work of the Central Emergency Dispatch Service and emergency dispatch services of the district gas companies continues around the clock and without breaks.

We remind you that the heating season is characterized by unstable weather conditions, sharp changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. In this connection, there can emerge dangerous situations at use of the gas equipment, especially at its operation with removal of combustion products into chimneys (heating boilers, direct-flow water heaters, heating furnaces), thrust in chimney flues is disturbed. 

Under difficult weather conditions (strong wind, a sharp drop in temperature and weather elements in the form of snow), thrust in chimney flues and ventilation ducts deteriorates significantly, ice blockages are formed or reverse thrust is created. 

Do not forget to check the thrust before and during the operation of gas equipment with the removal of combustion products in the chimney, check the condition of the portals of smoke-removing pipes from gas appliances with forced removal of combustion products through the wall.

Carbon monoxide – a product of incomplete natural gas combustion – is dangerous to human life and health. It is colourless, odourless and it is impossible to detect it indoors without special devices. With insufficient thrust in chimney flues and ventilation ducts, carbon monoxide fills the room and its already small concentration of -1% in the air can lead to fatal poisoning. 

In order for gas to be your friend and helper, remember the rules for using gas equipment and always follow them: 

• do not forget to open the window before using gas appliances; 

• do not leave the working gas equipment unattended; 

• do not allow preschool children and those who have not been instructed in safe use of gas-using appliances to gas equipment; 

• check the thrust before switching on and during the operation of gas-using appliances with the removal of combustion products in the chimney. 

Basic requirements for safe operation of gas equipment: 

• it is forbidden to use faulty gas-using equipment or use it for other purposes; 

• working gas appliances must not be left unattended, because in case one of the burners goes out, gas starts to enter the room, it accumulates and, mixing with air, forms an explosive mixture; 

• it is strictly forbidden to arbitrarily install, rearrange, repair and replace gas equipment; 

• make sure that the boiling liquid or draft does not extinguish the burner flame; 

• if gas enters the room, immediately turn off the gas supply valve, ventilate the room and call the emergency gas service by phone 104;

• it is strictly forbidden to dry laundry or hair over the stove with lighted burners; 

• Do not place things that can be easily engaged near gas appliances: paper, fabrics, etc. 

Condition for reliable, uninterrupted and trouble-free distribution of natural gas to your home is your compliance with basic safety rules. Dear consumers, always be careful when using gas, strictly follow the rules of operation of gas-using equipment – this is the key to your safety! 

Take care of your health and life! 

Always yours “TERNOPILGAZ”