Dear subscribers! Please pass metrics from the 1st to 5th of each month and in the case of gas smell, emergency call 104 If gas smell detects, call 104
Submitting meter readings via Viber-bot is simple and easy!

Submitting meter readings via Viber-bot is simple and easy!

09.08.2021 08:54

Viber-bot is a new round-the-clock online service of the PrJSC “Ternopilgaz” is now available for consumers of natural gas in Ternopil Region.

The instant messaging platform works on every smartphone, tablet or PC that has Viber installed. It allows: 

• submitting gas meters online; 

• finding out the status of current debt on the personal account and cost of the natural gas distribution service itself; 

• paying for the distribution of natural gas online. 

Also, in the Viber-bot you will find information about the last recorded value of the gas meter. 

To be able to use the Viber-bot you only need to read this QR code with the device’s camera or use the link (only with smartphones)


Warning! We inform you about the need to confirm the gas meter with a photo taken with a smartphone camera. In the absence of a photo, the meter may not be taken into account! 

Always yours – Ternopilgaz!