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One heartbeat, one dream - traditional professional pilgrimage of gas workers in Zarvanytsia

One heartbeat, one dream - traditional professional pilgrimage of gas workers in Zarvanytsia

12.09.2023 13:45

The Marian Spiritual Centre welcomed gas workers from all over Ternopil Region with a special warmth and hospitality. On the day of the professional holiday, September 10, 2023, a professional pilgrimage of gas workers took place in one of the largest shrines of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Traditionally, in a joint prayer, the pilgrims asked the Lord and the Mother of God for a blessing for the coming year, victory and peace in Ukraine, and a happy return home for each defender.

Oleg Karavanskyi, Chairman of the Board, addressed the audience with words of greeting: “We appreciate everyone who has made the history of the company, who has made a significant contribution to the development of the gas industry, and we are happy that young people are joining our ranks. Together we have built 12,336 kilometres of gas pipelines, and this autumn another new gas station will be opened in Pidhaitsi Region. In a difficult time for the country, we will not give up in the face of difficulties, because our goal is the same: victory”. 

As times change, so do the awards. Awards:

Oleg KARAVANSKYI, CEO, was awarded the Minister of Defence of Ukraine’s award “For Contribution to the Defence of Ukraine”;

Oleksandr DOVHALIUK, Head of the Terebovlia Gas Operation Department, was awarded the honorary award of Ternopil Regional Military Administration “For Service”;

Diplomas of Ternopil Regional Military Administration were awarded to Volodymyr KARAVANSKYI, First Deputy CEO of Ternopilgaz; Tetiana SEKELA, Head of the HR Department of Ternopilgaz; Ivan REMYZOVYCH, mechanic for the operation and repair of underground gas pipelines at Shumsk Department; Yurii OGONOVSKYI, vehicle driver at Berezhany Department.

The best employees of the company were awarded:

Metropolitan Certificates of Appreciation;

Diplomas and letters of thanks from Ternopilgaz;

Honourable awards and certificates of the trade union of gas companies of Ukraine; honourable awards, certificates and letters of thanks from the united trade union organisation of Ternopilgaz.

Our work is a symbol of warmth and reliability, and the comfort of all consumers depends on the diligent work and personal responsibility of each of us. And we must win in order to live on our land, work and pass on our experience to future generations.

Together to victory!

Always yours, Ternopilgaz