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An electric car is a high-voltage future

An electric car is a high-voltage future

10.04.2023 08:14

An electric vehicle has far fewer structural elements that require regular maintenance and can suddenly fail. The popularity of electric vehicles continues to grow in Ukraine. Due to its environmental friendliness and efficiency, such a vehicle is called the car of future. Charging it is 10 times cheaper than refueling with liquid fuel. In addition, maintenance costs are much lower.

In recent years, our company’s fleet has been expanded by seven electric vehicles. Employees always arrive on time at the scene of an accident or customer call, which in turn allows them to perform their duties regardless of the availability of fuel at the gas station. All cars are assigned to district gas companies, and the last car purchased in 2023, a RENAULT KANGOO, was transferred to Lanivtsi gas company.

To ensure maintenance of gas distribution networks and facilities, this year the company purchased four more vehicles, which were distributed among Chortkiv, Lanivtsi, Pidvolochysk gas companies and the head company.

Prompt response to an event depends on the availability of a high-quality and serviceable vehicle, so we will continue to modernize and update our fleet. We fully fulfill our obligations to the consumers of the region in a difficult time for the country.

Sincerely, Ternopilgaz