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Safety, comfort, warmth for you – our main task

Safety, comfort, warmth for you – our main task

29.01.2021 13:06

Yesterday in Berezhany, during the repair of the road surface, the gas pipeline was damaged. As a result, the entire town and two nearby villages Lisnyky and Rai were left without gas supply, which is almost six thousand households. 

Ternopilgaz faced a task: urgent elimination of the emergency situation and restoration of heat in homes. After all, during the winter the premises are cooled in a few hours, patients in the hospital may be at risk, children – in kindergarten and school, there is no possibility to cook, heat tea. Moreover, during an emergency, it is impossible to warn consumers about the heat outage, so, of course, no one was ready to switch to alternative fuels. 

To ensure safety of consumers, it was necessary to disconnect six gas distribution points, thirty-three gas-control units and urgently carry out work to eliminate the accident and restore the damaged section of the pipeline. 23 specialists and 5 units of equipment were involved. After four hours of work, it was possible to replace the damaged section of the gas pipeline and restore gas supply. 

The presence of necessary equipment, professional coherence of all employees allowed the company to quickly solve the problem, the absence of at least some segment - could make a bad joke. Now we can say with confidence – “Ternopilgaz” is a reliable company, which in spite of everything always cares about its customers! 

Safety, comfort, warmth at you – the greatest gratitude for us! 

Always yours – “Ternopilgaz”!